Monday, October 29, 2007

The game plan

Earlier this month DH and I went to see an RE.

Not that Dr.G (my OBGYN) hasn't done everything he can. He had my arm poked and repoked so my blood could be thoroughly tested. He scheduled an hsg, during which my uterus was injected with radioactive dye and x-rayed. He had my DH's blood tested for genetic abnormalities. All normal.

So Dr.K, the RE, sat down with us and figured out a plan. He thinks it's a hormonal problem. We're going to wait until my next NP (normal period), then test my progesterone midway through my next cycle. After another NP, we'll start a round of Clomid. Then, after ovulation, I'll start a round of progesterone suppositories. If all goes well, I'll be pregnant by Christmas. And hopefully stay pregnant for a whole nine months this time.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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